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Fiber Optic Dissolution

Let’s Talk about Fiber Optics :Evaluating the systems that are available, by Vivian Gray.

About the Author: With over 25 years of experience in the dissolution field, Vivian has lectured frequently, especially in the areas of calibration, dissolution equipment, gelatin crosslinking, and regulatory topics. She is a proactive participant in the field as demonstrated by many publications, writing and revising USP Chapters, initiating change in USP methods, in-depth work with calibration, organizing workshops, serving on the USP Expert Biopharmaceutics Committee, the FIP (International Pharmacy Federation) Dissolution Working Group, and the Editorial Board for Dissolution Technologies. Look for her future fiber optics articles.

Getting Ready to Purchase a Fiber Optics System :This feature will be devoted to what to look for when getting ready to purchase a fiber optics system, by Vivian Gray and John Ballard.

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