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Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid

900 ml Phosphate Buffer
30 minutes
Absorptivity is approximately 25-26Salicylic Acid: a non-disintegrating tablet. It is affected by poorly deaerated media, warped or dirty baskets, and unclean or scratched vessels. It is not as sensitive to mechanical parameters.

Salicylic Acid Tips

Salicylic acid are very simple tablets. They contain no excepients, only compressed drug product. The properties of Salicylic Acid are such that it will sublime in hot and humid conditions. If you see white powder lining the inside of the tablet bottle, then the tablets may be unusable. Store the tablets in a dessicator at room temperature.

Salicylic acid analyzed in baskets is sensitive to centering (to a certain degree), levelness, and shaft wobble according the the results of the Pharma study.

Recently one lab had a problem with Salicylic Acid Calibration. The problem was traced back to a faulty deaeration apparatus. They deaerated the media by vacuum filtration and it passed immediately.

Another lab had improperly cleaned vessels. They cleaned with methanol, nitric acid, then deionized water and that solved their problems.

Floating tablets will give a consistantly lower result. Look at all the tablets when you lower then into the vessel. If any are floating, raise the baskets and lower again. This usually remedies the problem at the beginning of the test.

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