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Dissolution Testing: Salicylic Acid

Dear DSN, I have read that they are getting rid of Salicylic Acid tablets for Calibration of dissolution apparatus. What is your opinion on this? A few years back, a few individuals in the PhRMA study claimed that Salicylic Acid was not sensitive to mechanical parameters.  While it is true that Salicylic acid is not […]

QLA’s Ultra-centered Dissolution Vessels

Quality Lab Accessories LLC is celebrating over 10 years of providing Pharmaceutical companies with an extensive range of accessories and consumables for most dissolution needs. They join the web 2.0 revolution by creating their own online informational sessions. In this week’s link, we point to their Ultra-centered Dissolution Vessel video. These vessels offer extremely precise […]

Distek, Sotax, Erweka and More Leap onto YouTube

YouTube ranks as the third most-trafficked site in the world. It may well become more important for your brand or company to be on YouTube than to be advertised on TV. Stephen Spencer of Marketing Profs agrees. Sit back and watch the genius of Blentec. A small blender company. Their sales have skyrocketed since starting […]

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